Alumni Career Paths


Meet just some of the people who have inspired their careers with an ESADE MSc in Management.


"ESADE offers this double vision of working in corporations and also the creation of companies. I highlight as a value the practical approach, working always with a team. ESADE's mindset of never giving up is important, always being creative and knowing that with the correct methodology and planning I can succeed in anything I want."

Ignacio Salinas
MSc in International Management alumnus


"It was through one of the companies presentations at ESADE that I discovered the company where I am working at now, Reckitt Benckiser, where I am undertaking the marketing and sales graduate programme in London."

Anne-Sophie Roudeix
MSc in Marketing Management + CEMS alumnus
Commercial Analyst at Reckitt Benckiser


"ESADE's role has been vital. ESADE helped me to make my idea more tangible and easier for its later implementation, to look for a good team to start the project with, and nurturing and continue growing the project so it could be successful."

Marc Molins
MSc in Marketing Management + CEMS alumnus
CEO of Livefurther


"The project started in ESADE as part of the I2P course. We were approached by a company and a HIV patient association, we present the project and the company turned it into a reality"

Gabriel Rojas
MSc in Innovation & Entrepreneurship alumnus
Co-Founder of "Algo está pasando"


"I currently work at HSBC in the investment banking division. My job consists of advising clients on M&A transactions, balance sheet optimisation and capital-raising plans. ESADE provided me with the key concepts and tools that helped me in my career. I had the opportunity during my year enrolled in the Master in Finance to learn and understand the basic fundamentals of finance and develop my understanding of the industry."

Pedro McCarthy
Master in Finance alumnus


"After having worked for JP Morgan in New York and Milan and for Boston Consulting Group in Milan, I started my own company: a digital start-up called 20lines. ESADE helped me a lot, specially in improving my presentation skills. The way that I am now able to present my own project is really good, because it is something that ESADE was really focused on."

Alessandro Biggi
Master in International Management alumnus