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Big Data Visualization

23rd October 2017

7pm to 9pm
ESADE Barcelona
How can user-experience and data visualization design combine to help people gain insights?

Why are some charts confusing, while others are easy to understand? Although analytics can uncover useful data patterns, it is not always easy to make those patterns intelligible to others. This talk covers important principles to keep in mind when creating data visualizations to gain useful insights.

Join us for the first edition of our Speakers' Series relating to Business Analytics on 23rd October at ESADE Forum and for all our talks throughout the rest of the academic year; you'll be all the wiser for it.

This session’s speaker Mark Schindler is co-founder and Managing Director of GroupVisual.io.  He has been designing user-interfaces for analytic software products and mobile apps for clients like Johnson & Johnson, Optum and GE for some 15 years.  His firm now mentor start-up companies, and conduct workshops on data visualization, analytics and UX design, earning him numerous design awards.

On top of that, three 7-minute lightning sessions will be held by Alberto González from Bestiario, David Nogue from Eixos and Victor Pascual Cid from One Tandem.
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Monday, 23rd October
from 7pm to 9pm
ESADE Barcelona
Av. Pedralbes, 60-62 | Barcelona
ESADE - MSc Programmes in Management
Av. Torre Blanca, 59 · Sant Cugat - Barcelona 08172 · Spain