Document reproduction

Document copying
Digital copies only will be supplied (an exception may be made for members of the ESADE academic community).
Type of documents
Reproduction method
Type of service

  Post-1945 documents
Self-service (flatbed scanner)
By arrangement 

  Between 1850 and 1945 
By arrangement

  Before 1850 
Overhead scanner
By arrangement

  Theses and other unpublished documents 
These cannot be copied
  • If the document to be copied is a book, no more than 10% of its contents may be copied. 
  • In the case of magazines, a full article may be copied.

If you need to copy a document dating back to before 1850, you should note that this service will be charged for in accordance with the following scale.


Service price

Means of payment

Copying of documents dating from before 1850
(A letter of presentation is required from an academic and/or research institution)


Block of 10 pages: €10 
From the eleventh page onwards, the fee is 30 cents per page


Payment by bank transfer as per the invoice