Living in Barcelona

Living and studying in Barcelona for a year is not the same as coming on holiday for a few days in the summer. Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city where you can discover all sorts of places and activities.

For most of our students, deciding to study at ESADE means finding a new place to live and adapting to new customs. We want you to be comfortable and get the most out of your time here in Barcelona.

On the basis of the experiences of former students who have come to spend an unforgettable year in this city, we encourage you not to leave certain key tasks for the last minute:

  • Get a head start in your search for housing (e.g. a shared flat, a studio, or a room in a university residence). A good time to start is right before summer.
  • In Spain, the healthcare system is public. If you are a resident of the European Union, you can have a health card made in your home country. Otherwise, you can take out a private health insurance policy.
  • If you come from outside of the European Union, you will need a student visa.
Other points to keep in mind...

  • Banks (bancos) and savings banks (cajas) have different opening hours. Savings banks are open in the morning from Monday to Friday, and on Thursday afternoons (except in the summer). Banks are open in the morning from Monday to Saturday.
  • Carry a little extra cash with you for the first few days of your stay, in case you need to deal with unexpected problems.
  • When you make purchases using a credit card, you will need to show official identification (such as a passport) to prove that you are the cardholder.
Once you arrive in Barcelona...

Barcelona offers a wide variety of attractive features, making it a fascinating city in which to live.

  • You will find all sorts of cultural activities: concerts, plays, museums, etc. You can get more information at the city's tourism offices.
  • The climate in Barcelona is purely Mediterranean. For more information, contact the Catalan Weather Service (Servei Català de Meteorologia).
Getting around...
  • In addition to using a car or motor scooter, you can get around Barcelona on the metro, the city buses, the tram or the FGC trains by public transport. You can buy vouchers for multiple trips at all public transport stations and at some newsstands.    
  • You can also sign up for Barcelona's Bicing service, which allows you to use city-owned bicycles to get around.
Living in Barcelona
Living in Barcelona