Barcelona is an open and distinctly Mediterranean city. It has many interesting features that make it a fascinating place to live. In addition to its beauty, Barcelona is also a cosmopolitan and vibrant city.

World-renowned artists such as Dalí or Picasso, or the architect, Gaudí, all found inspiration for their creativity in Barcelona. This creativity is now reflected in modern-day Barcelona's business activities; a fashion hub (with brands such as Mango, Custo, Desigual or Pronovias), Barcelona is also home to a cluster of biotech and pharmaceutical companies, and an important centre for design, ICT, and audiovisual technology, and it is a breeding ground for pioneering international projects, such as the Alba Synchrotron Light Facility, the most important scientific installation in Southern Europe. As the principal Mediterranean seaport, it is an unparalleled logistics and communications centre.

Barcelona enjoys a long history of entrepreneurial initiatives, creating companies and attracting multinationals and foreign investment. This is why it is ranked year after year as one of the top 5 European cities for doing business, and qualified executives from all over the world meet here to create a cosmopolitan environment.

Barcelona is a lot more than a city with beautiful architecture and intense experiences. It is an economic platform open to the world and to all cultures, offering numerous opportunities for professionals with a first-class education, such as that provided at ESADE.
Michael Gradek
4th year Bachelor in Business Administration-BBA
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Did you know....?

  • Annual average temperature: 16°C
  • Annual average rainfall: 88 days
  • Mediterranean climate, with mild winters and hot summers
  • Relative humidity: 70%
  • City population: 1,707,286 inhabitants
  • Metropolitan area population: 4,654,000 inhabitants
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