Job opportunities

ESADE's prestigious BBA degree is your passport to a world of different professional environments and jobs.
The wide variety of companies range from small projects with potential to large consolidated multinationals. These either deal with a diverse number of products and services designed to attract end consumers, or helping other companies to improve through consultancy and auditing, while large financial corporations influence the future of the economy.

Jo opportunities · BBA

The BBA degree prepares you for a wide variety of positions within the organisational chart, for example:

The bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (BBA) gives you the training you need to hold senior positions at companies, from manager of a specific department or business area to general manager. You will be ready and able to lead teams, organize and coordinate resources, take decisions, and everything else required to take command.
Have you ever thought about starting your own business? Many of our students choose this route and launch their projects with the enthusiasm, initiative and solid background they acquire in this programme. At ESADE, we are experts in entrepreneurship. Over the course of your studies, you will learn from world-class experts how to successfully turn your business idea into a reality, including: how to conduct market analyses, perform feasibility studies, obtain financing, etc.

Companies have a variety of functional areas in which you can bring your expertise to bear:

Marketing: define and lead the company’s product differentiation strategies.

Finance: manage the company’s financial resources, assess operations, set financial policy, etc.

Operations: manage resources and coordinate the necessary teams to ensure that your company’s product or service reaches its customers.

Human Resources: select the best talent for your company, design its career growth plan, develop strategies to harness employees’ full potential, etc.

Information Systems: manage the company’s information and process flows, both internally – between employees, teams and departments – and externally – with clients, suppliers and external partners.

The main goal of an investment banking specialist is to help people and companies earn a return on their investments. This programme will teach you all about the markets and resources you can use to do that: financial derivatives, fixed-income investments, foreign exchange, commodities, stocks, issuance and sale of securities, etc.
This specialization is geared towards managing investments in unlisted companies. These types of investments are made to foster the development of companies with high potential. Your role will be to identify promising companies and to develop the strategy and investment plan to maximize the future return.
Consulting firms offer guidance and advice to other companies and organizations in areas with which they are unfamiliar or for which they require external expertise. This guidance may be related to marketing, human resources, finance, etc.
An auditor’s job is to analyse a company or specific aspects thereof at a given time. For instance, many companies need to identify the reasons for a specific business problem, know the status of their accounts at a given time, or determine whether they are making the best possible use of their human resources. In such cases, external auditors take a snapshot of the situation, write a report, identify solutions, propose courses of action, etc.
If your true interest lies in the stock market, you can pursue a career as an investment advisor, for both individuals and companies. You will have the in-depth knowledge of the markets and the resources you need to trade at the international level.

Bachelor of Business Administration-BBA graduates are also of interest to NGOs, the public administration and many other international organisations and institutions. Therefore, ESADE's BBA degree opens the door to a virtually limitless variety of positions, challenges and contexts.