Syllabus for the Degree in Law & Bachelor in Global Governance

Law + Geo-politics + International Economy + Specialisation in a geographic area

The syllabus for the Degree in Law & Bachelor in Global Governance provides sound training in Law, covering key points to turn you into an expert in international matters. From the outset, your studies will combine courses on: Law, the Foundations of Penal Law, Theory of Tort. These are accompanied by courses on Global Governance, Globalisation, and International Organisation, which are wholly taught in English. The weight of languages and international training will grow as you continue your studies and in the Fifth Year, you will take your specialisation in a given zone/grouping (Asia; North Africa; The Middle East; Latin America or the following group of countries: The United Kingdom; The United States; Canada; Australia).


Laying the foundations of Law and Globalisation

At the training level: The first year will lay the foundations of legal knowledge and you will begin your training in the international economy and geo-politics. Some of the courses will be taught in English and you will also begin learning French or German. In the summer, you may take a summer programme at a leading Law School in Boston or New York: you can choose between Boston College Law School or New York’s Cardozo Law School.

At the experiential level: This is an activity-packed year, full of new challenges, in which you will familiarise yourself with the exams, faculty, new ways of studying. It will also be a year that brings lots of new free-time activities: you can join student clubs and dive into ESADE’s intense university life. The summer programme will also give you the chance to spend 2-3 three weeks living in two of the world’s most exciting cities and discover for yourself what it is like to study at a top American university.


Immersion in fields of Law and the bases of international relations

At the training level: In the Second Year, you will delve deeper into the various fields of Law: civil, penal, fiscal, mercantile, procedural and administrative. You will begin studying all the Law courses in the syllabus in English. If you wish, you can take them at the London-based Centre for Transnational Legal Studies (CTLS), an innovative centre specialising in International Law, led by Georgetown University. You will also begin your training in international relations, acquiring the basic knowledge needed to understand how big institutions such as the G20, World Trade Organisation and the IMF (among others) work. You will continue studying English and French or German and you may begin studying Mandarin. In the summer, you can take part in the second summer programme, this time at Penn Law University, Philadelphia, The United States.

At the experiential level: This is a year for settling in, given that you will be familiar with the programme and know how to get the most out of your studies and campus life. During the year, if you so wish, you can travel to London to study part of your subjects. In the summer, you may study at a top US university, enjoying campus life in Philadelphia (a city which happens to be one of America’s leading cultural and artistic centres).


Consolidation of legal training and start on international politics

At the training level: The third-year syllabus will consolidate your legal and economic training, preparing you for the resolution of international legal and economic disputes. Furthermore, you will begin your training in geo-politics, allowing you to understand the political decisions currently being taken by international organisations. You will continue your language training and, in the summer, can take a third summer programme at Singapore Management University or at New York’s Columbia University.

At the experiential level: This tends to be a year in which students take a bigger part in associations and in holding activities linked to their study interests. Here one should note that legal firms and organisations value candidates who take the lead and seek personal enrichment. The summer programme will let you travel to New York or one of Asia’s most influential countries to experience cultural differences and the pace of life in one of the hubs of world trade.


First contact with the professional world and familiarisation with global transactions

At the training level: You will undertake in-depth study of legal, political and economic rules to understand global economic transactions. You will have the chance to take international internships in law firms or in bodies such as the UN, EU, WTO. Finally, you will have to write a degree capstone project, in which you apply your knowledge of different fields of Law to solve a real-life problem. During this course, you must choose where you wish to take your fifth exchange programme and the geographical area in which you will specialise.

At the experiential level: You will take internships in Law Firms or in an international organisation to advance in your chosen profession. This will pose exciting new challenges and the kind of experience and knowledge that can only be found outside the classroom. This will put you in an excellent position to find that dream job.


Exchange programme and specialisation in a world geographic area

At the training level: The fifth year marks the most wide-ranging international exchange of the degree programme. You will have consolidated your training in Law, International Economy and Geo-politics, as well as your training in languages. Now is the moment for an exchange semester at one of the world’s 46 best universities. In addition, you will take your specialisation in a geographic area, which you can take at the best university in the region, or at ESADE. The teaching will be wholly in English. You will also begin to prepare yourself for entry into the professional world by taking part in seminars held by ESADE Careers. Finally, you must present your Bachelor’s Degree Capstone Project: a project for resolving disputes and which must be publicly defended before a jury and published in a journal.

At the experiential level: The fifth year is an action-packed one from both training and experiential standpoints. On the one hand, you will study abroad for one or two semesters, conferring unforgettable life experience and academic enrichment. You will make new friends, live on campus in new countries, learn of other cultures, discover other ways of studying. On the other hand, the Bachelor’s Degree Capstone Project is highly motivating and will allow you to put the knowledge and skills you have acquired into practice.

The Program Director will explain the details of the curriculum


1rst course

 2nd course

 3rd course

 4th course

 5th course

Bachelor in Law

Exchange programme

Specialisation in a world geographic area



Doing business in LATAM

International relations in LATAM

Understanding LATAM

«Economic power»: Argentina,Chile, Perú, México and Brasil

Investing in LATAM


Magreb & Middle East

Doing business in Magreb & Middle East

International relations in Magreb & Middle East

Understanding Magreb & Middle East

International arbitration in arabic countries

Investing in Magreb & Middle East



Doing business in Asia

International relations in Asia

Understanding Asia

«Economic power»: India, Japan, China, Korea and Singapore

Investing in Asia


United Kingdom, USA, Canada & Australia

Doing business in United Kingdom, US & Australia

International relations in United Kingdom, US & Australia

Understanding United Kingdom, US & Australia

«Economic power»

Investing in United Kingdom, US & Australia


Social Responsibility

Final Project

International internship

Introduction to Private Law

Legal and Social Fundamentals of European Political Culture

Fundamentals of Criminal Law and Theory of Crime I

Constitutional Law I

Constitutional Law II

General section of Civil Law and Individual Rights

Theory of Law

Fundamentals of Criminal Law and Theory of Crime II

Economics I

Economics II

Constitutional Law III

Fundamentals of Administrative Law

Introduction to Procedural Law

Criminal methods I

Social Responsibility

Contract Theory

Private Contracting

Bussines Law I

Tax Law I

Criminal methods II

International Organization

European Union Law

Activity of Public Administrations

Business Law II

Tax Law II

Procedural Law II

Labour Law I

Business Law III

Tax Law III

Labour Law II

Real-Estate Legal Relationships and Property Law

Limited Property Rights
Business and the Market IV: Commercial Contracts and Securities

Inheritance Law

Family Law

Indirect Taxation

Legal Ethics

Private International Law

Procedural Law III

Clinicum Public Law / Private Law (Final Degree Project)
Bachelor in Global Governance

Introduction to Political Law

Development of Legal Theory

Institutions and Decision-Making

Global Economy History

Model United Nations  Simulations

ESADEgeo: Globalization

ESADEgeo: International Organisations  

International Society

Regional Economic Integration: the EU and Beyond

Introduction to Quantitative Methods

Contract in a Global Context

Strategic Thinking for Global Governance

Model United Nations Simulations

ESADEgeo: International Relations  

Quantitative Methods


Public Intervention in the Economy

Economic and Financial Analysis

Model United Nations

ESADEgeo: International Development (BID)

International Security  

International Political Economy

International Economics Conflicts

International Human Rights Protection

Ethics and Global Governance

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Market Governance

Economic and Financial Analysis Advanced

Study tour

Prácticas solidarias internacionales



Study Abroad (JUN)

Sciences Po, Paris

The Fletcher School, Boston

Summer (JUL)

Summer program* at:

. Boston College Law School

. Cardozo Law School

Summer program* at:

Penn Law University of Pennsylvania

Summer program* at:

. Management University of Singapore 

. Columbia Law School


English I

Mandarin Chinese I

English II

French I

German I

Mandarin Chinese II

English III

French II

German II

Mandarin Chinese III

English IV

French III

German III

Mandarin Chinese IV

* Summer programmes may vary from one year to the next. ESADE reserves the right to modify the conditions in order to continually improve the programme.