Do you know how to use mediation to solve conflicts?

Words have the power to bridge gaps and bring people together. Solving problems and mediating all sorts of conflict situations using words is a basic skill in today’s world. Lawyers use this skill in the courtroom. What about you? Are you a good mediator?

Be a lawyer for a day by participating in our mediation simulation. Experience first-hand how a real-life case can be resolved through dialogue.


This event is open to students in the first and second years of non-compulsory secondary education. It aims to familiarise participants with mediation as an alternative conflict-resolution approach.

In this guided simulation, you will experience first-hand the steps involved in resolving a case using the mediation process.


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Students in the first and second years of non-compulsory secondary education.


The session is structured in four parts:

Part 1: The issue under dispute is presented and students from ESADE Law School enact a simulated courtroom hearing before a judge. The facts of the case and the petitions submitted by the parties are presented. The judge ultimately orders the case to mediation.

Part 2: Students from ESADE Law School enact a mediation session. This demonstration serves as an example of how you can solve conflicts through dialogue.

Part 3: Working in groups with the help of ESADE Law School faculty and students, you prepare part of the mediation process.

Part 4: You demonstrate your knack for mediation by presenting your part of the defence in front of the other groups.

Event details


Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018, at 6 pm

ESADE. Barcelona Campus, Pedralbes Avenue 60-62

*Attendance must be confirmed for each individual session. Places are limited- should you not be able to attend a session, prior notice should be provided to allow us allocate space to someone else.