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International Students

Highlights ESADE’s agreement with Banco Sabadell offers two ways of financing the full amount of year 1 in our degrees:

1. Tuition loan. Interest-free, short-term loan of up to 50% of the cost of the course, to be repaid in 10 months (just a one-off formalisation fee of 3.50%, TAE 8,12% / 11,93%*). No fee is charged for early termination.

2. Loan. Long-term loan for up to 50% of the cost of the course, to be repaid in a maximum of 8 years following the loan applications.


Banc Sabadell reserves the right to refuse the loan if, at the time of submission of the loan application, any circumstances pertaining the person(s) applying for the loan come to light that could alter the decision regarding whether to grant the loan.

 *Annual equivalent rate (AER) 8.12% for a total amount of €18,000, to be repaid in 10 months at an interest rate of 0.00%. Total amount owed: €18,630. Formalisation fee 3,5% (minimum €50).

 *Annual equivalent rate (AER) 11.93% for a total amount of €1,000, to be repaid in 10 months at an interest rate of 0.00%. Total amount owed: €1,050. Formalisation fee 3,5% (minimum €50).


How to apply for a Banco Sabadell loan?


a. Find out about the loan and repayment terms and conditions.

b. Select the option you prefer and apply.

a. A Banco Sabadell official will contact you and request you to forward all the necessary documents. The customer evaluation will be initiated at this point.

b. In 2-3 weeks you will receive an answer.

a. Banco Sabadell will notify you of the approval of the loan and will assign a branch to you.

b. Signature of the loan.

Study loans - ESADE Bachelors

Frequently asked questions

The fee for early termination is 0%, so you would have no additional charge.
No problem. You can apply for a loan for the necessary amount when you have to book your place and then later you can apply for another loan for the remainder.
Banco Sabadell is very flexible. You can decide how much to repay in each instalment and when to pay: once a month, every two months, once a quarter... The amount of each instalment is agreed upon by each applicant directly with the bank.
In this case the loan would be repaid in advance (early termination charge: 0%). The only cost would be the interest charged during the term of the loan.
Banco Sabadell has no objection to providing loans for repeater students who are only taking some subjects.