Despite not being where we need to be in terms of equality in business yet, thanks to talented women like those at The ESADE MBA, we are making important headway to demonstrating how much the female voice can add value in areas, which until now have been dominated by men.

In the more than 50 years since ESADE has existed, we have been training exceptional women to make a difference in the world of business.
We look beyond gender where there is talent and the ability to make a real difference. Empowerment for women, as all diversity whether racial, professional or gender-based, is central to our values at ESADE.





At ESADE, we encourage our female population to be as active as possible. The Women in Business Club was created by a group of pioneering women students several years ago, and has gone from strength to strength since then, with several new initiatives created such as the Salary Negotiation event held last mont.

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We focus on creating a more equal business world, by offering scholarships to talented women capable of making their presence count.

Watch this video and discover the profiles, the dreams and the aspirations of some of this year’s talented women.


Yanyu Zheng, Class of 2016


“Yanyu is an exceptional student who has shown determination and passion to achieve her goals.

However, rather than accomplishing her goals on an individual basis, Yanyu has involved many of her colleagues — giving them the chance to share her passion, inviting them to participate in sport business activities that she organised on campus, as well as leading the team that won the prestigious sports competition: Franz 2015. She is a true example of collaborative leadership and engagement, a quality that we really encourage among our MBA students at ESADE.

Born in China, Yanyu wanted to work and learn in one of the major football clubs in Europe. She achieved her dream, working at FC Barcelona and managing to learn Catalan and Spanish. We value the development of global mindsets at ESADE and she is a great example. While studying her MBA, she wanted to achieve new highs. And her determination and hard work again achieved results. She started to explore new opportunities in Asia and she went for an exchange at the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS). She learned there that Alibaba was going to launch a new sports business (Alisports) and she convinced the CEO to hire her as one of the first employees. I wish we could have 50 students like Yanyu every year. It is difficult to find that passion and ability to combine hard work with empathy.”

Luis Vives

Associate Dean of the Full-Time MBA at ESADE

Oriana Barra, Class of 2016

“Oriana is one of our best students at the academic level in the MBA Class of 2016...

While being academically excellent during the whole duration of her studies, she also represented her section as elected class delegate and has contributed to improving the programme by collaborating closely with programme management.

Furthermore, she was also elected president for the extremely popular and active Marketing Club, in which she proved to be very engaged and showed her leadership skills when organising the Marketing Trek to Amsterdam and other local events.

When the first year of the MBA programme was successfully completed, Oriana, who is originally from Venezuela, decided to focus on Asia as the next target region to expand her intercultural management skills — after having lived in Europe for some time. Not only did she obtain an internship with the Aditya Birla Group in Mumbai (India) during the summer, but she was also selected for the International Exchange Programme with Guanghua University in Beijing (China), where she continued her path in academic excellence as a truly global student from ESADE.

Clearly, during her studies Oriana demonstrated her passion to continuously help other team members and fellow students — yet this was nothing new for her. Before joining ESADE, Oriana was engaged in a volunteering initiative for over three years that helped underprivileged children gain access to education in her home country.

The MBA Class of 2016 would have lacked an immeasurable amount of empathy, social responsibility, engagement, passion, and leadership if Oriana had not formed part of it.”

Franziska Ewald
Programme Manager of the Full-Time MBA

Paula de Rezende, Class of 2016

“Paula has been an extremely committed student and has shown a very genuine interest ever since she joined the MBA back in September 2014....

She has played a leading role in the programme with an outstanding impact on the experience of all her classmates.

She was elected student representative by her class during the first months of the programme. In this extremely challenging role, she performed an outstanding job as the main point of contact between her classmates and the programme administration. She always worked for the common good – benefitting the student body as well as the MBA Programme and ESADE.

In addition to class representation, she also excelled by leading voluntary but very ambitious projects throughout the programme. She led the organising committee of the Innovation Summit (an MBA flagship event that brings together companies and top talent in a dynamic problem-solving environment). Paula also led the Class Gift Campaign (a very challenging initiative that raises funds for a scholarship for an MBA candidate in the next intake and her team managed to surpass the ambitious objective). Paula also coordinated the Graduation Yearbook – summarising 18 months of academic and non-academic activities in a single album with the contribution of the entire student body and subsequent editing work.

In each of these projects she has far exceeded expectations, showing great self-discipline and incredible organisational skills, continuously proving to be an empathetic, passionate, and engaged professional with excellent leadership skills.

We are extremely grateful for having had a student like Paula in the Class of 2016 and hope that many more candidates with a similar commitment to the school will join the programme in the future.”

Neus Marcet Risa
Programme Director Full Time MBA

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