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1. Career Acceleration Programme in Investment and Private Banking

ESADE has designed a Career Acceleration Programme (CAP) in Investment and Private Banking to prepare students for a career in the financial services industry after a full-time MBA. The programme provides students with the technical knowledge and practice needed to succeed in the demanding interviews.

The programme starts with an intense technical training on valuation and modelling. This is followed by a series of technical case workshops where students put methodology into practice. In addition, master classes on trends and career opportunities will be given by experts from the three industries: investment banking, private equity, and private banking.

Students will simulate a real valuation process by role-playing a company and private equity firm on the sell- and buy-side. Tutors will help to best prepare the groups for their final presentations. Furthermore, intense interview preparation will be given with individual feedback.

1. Career Acceleration Programme in Consulting

ESADE Business School has launched a Career Acceleration Programme in Consulting (CAP Consulting) to provide MBA students with the tools, connections, and insight necessary for achieving the greatest probability of success during consulting recruitment processes.

The programme consists of a mix of powerful theoretical sessions (in a master class format) and practical sessions (case cracking and case competitions), as well as company interactions (where direct contact between students and strategic consultancies is encouraged through on-campus presentations and activities).

In 2015/16 sessions, the 35 students attending the programme received a gradual introduction and later an in-depth understanding of the consulting sector. Master class sessions started by addressing the generic role of a recently hired consultant, and then discussed how to project a long-term career in consulting. Key issues in dealing with associate/entry level roles and career progression to partnership were addressed. Enrolled students learned what to do on the first day after entering a consulting firm and how to successfully achieve a long-term career in consulting.

3. Career Acceleration Programme in Technological Disruption
 Disruptive technologies are rapidly changing the world we live in, and as such the world of work.  Technology in fact has been disrupting business since the beginning of time, but what we are experiencing at this moment in time is technology enabling new companies and business sectors to become established quickly and grow, usually bypassing traditional means of production, trade, operations, legislation and business norms to name a few.
The programme will consist of a mix of informational and practical sessions, covering areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Data Science & Big Data, Digital Marketing, Digital Transformation, FinTech, EduTech & HealthTech, the Internet of Things & the Industrial Internet, Open Innovation, The Cloud, The next 20 years of business & technology, and using data to drive a decision.  

We will be joined by professionals working for companies across sectors who have a focus on new technologies, their impact and their ability to disrupt and to create new opportunities.
The purpose of the programme will be for MBAs to become prepared and to have the tools necessary to be successful when applying to jobs across all sectors which are being influenced by disruption. MBAs will have exposure to how technology and disruption in general is transforming business and what skills, knowledge, ethics and attitudes are required in this new world of work.
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