Business clubs are managed by the MBA Student Association (MBASA), and are responsible for leveraging their position at ESADE to create learning, networking and exposure opportunities for members. Boards are elected democratically and the election of key positions is often fiercely competitive. Club events provide a good platform for firms who wish to recruit or gain on-campus exposure. Each club has one Associate Director from Career Services assigned to work closely with them.


Finding the right work/life balance is key during both your MBA and your professional career.

Barcelona has much to offer in the way of entertainment, but you might look closer to home for something you fancy taking part in; perhaps you have great Latin rhythm, want to hit the nearby ski slopes, or perhaps you're the partner of an MBA student and simply want a good night out!

"As a member of the MBASA team, I am able to shape and develop our MBA experience every day. Representing a large number of diverse students is fun and also challenging. We have to consider every student’s opinion and develop solutions that benefit all of our classmates. Diversity is one of the key aspects at ESADE. Especially in my role as VP of Club Management, I have the chance to view how different personalities and nationalities work together and collaborate, benefitting from their range of perspectives. Ultimately, it is important to find common ground and shape great experiences for all students. Just as in a real global enterprise."
Manuela Leppert
VP Finance & Club Management

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