Entrepreneurship Lab

The ESADE E-Lab provides hands-on experiences that are relevant for MBA students aiming at either their own startups and being entrepreneurs within existing organizations. The ESADE E-Lab is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs. Students will acquire detailed insights about how eight tech companies work and how they got started, recruitment contacts, networking and a Berlin experience.

The E-Lab offers:

  • In-depth business model analysis of seven high growth startups and one venture capital firm, both beforehand in class and at the company
  • Range of electives to choose from
  • Regular accelerator meetings throughout the year to discuss and develop ideas and meet high-profile entrepreneurs
  • Maximum access to the E-Garage for all the activities provided by the ESADE Entrepreneurship and Innovation Institute

Previously participating companies: Axel Springer Plug & Play, Betahouse, Delivery Hero, Earlybird VC, Hitfox Group, Juniqe, Point Nine Capital, Rebate Networks, Rocket Internet, SoundCloud, SponsorPay, Trademob, Zalando and Zanox.

The EWorks initiative also forms part of the E Lab and offers the chance for MBA students to start up their own business in ESADE Creapolis.

A hub for entrepreneurs
ESADE's Entrepreneurship Lab coaches and encourages students aiming to take up the new business challenge.
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