At the end of the programme, you should be ready to integrate the theoretical knowledge and practical skills you have learned into your own personal style of responsible leadership. As an ESADE graduate, you should be confident and capable of facing the challenges of working towards not just profitability and economic growth but also the common social good of the community in which you operate.

Our experience and academic research have shown that there is no single way of enriching management knowledge which is why we employ a balanced methodology that combines theory with practice, rather than solely focusing on the case method. The ESADE MBA's methodology varies according to each subject's objectives and the skills, attitudes and behavioural patterns to be fostered.
Classroom theory is important for acquiring management knowledge but there is no substitute for practice in order to ingrain the decision making skills executives face on a daily basis. To this end, the Full Time MBA includes small and active classes, case study discussions, simulation games, teamwork, tutorials and role-play exercises, among other activities. In short, everything to ensure the business world is reflected in all its complexity.
Simulating real working conditions, cross-functional and multicultural teamwork are integral pillars of our cooperative methodology. With over 40 nationalities represented on-campus, diversity is leveraged by structuring integrated teams representing different geographic, academic and professional backgrounds. This approach fosters leadership, team working, negotiation and project management skills as well as conferring a global outlook.
The ESADE MBA also places a strong emphasis on entrepreneurship as a means to creating value for organizations and the development of leadership competencies through the LEAD programme.
Given the select number of participants on the Full Time MBA, one of our key strengths is the degree of personalized attention we are able to provide each participant. This personalized approach will be evident throughout your time at ESADE Business School, from the availability of professors to the detailed career plan you will develop with your Career Advisor.

Work groups are an important part of all programme subjects, changed on a semester-by-semester basis and based on gender, nationality, academic and professional backgrounds. Each group is as mixed as possible and no two team members should coincide more than once. We have found that given the diversity on our MBA programme, teamwork provides an invaluable platform to learn from others and to share experiences, something that gives great results.

Projects resulting from these groups carry considerable weight and greatly impact final grades for each subject.


ESADE has its own pioneering learning system for developing interpersonal skills and competencies. It is designed to help you develop the knowledge and abilities that characterize a good manager.

With the assistance of numerous companies, ESADE has developed a model of 16 competencies and incorporated it into its syllabus. Many of these competencies cannot be explained; they have to be learned through practice. As such, situations are created in each subject to develop them across the entire ESADE Full-Time MBA curriculum.


Basic competencies

Acquire, understand and critically structure knowledge

Apply knowledge to achieve results

Make decisions and give opinions about complex situations

Know how to communicate information and knowledge and develop the ability to constantly learn

General competencies

Develop strategic and systematic thinking

Show autonomy, independence, initiative and proactiveness.

Promote corporate citizenship

Cross-curricular competencies

Demonstrate adaptability and flexibility

Work in teams and collaborate with others

Demonstrate leadership ability

Specific competencies

Understand the complexity of context, in both local and global dimensions

Appreciate and understand diversity

Develop others

Manage teams

Manage change

Develop senior management skills

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