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An MBA is by far the best passport to a bright future as a business leader and you’ll tick all the boxes for employers. But what if you could take the generic MBA, turn it on its head and have it make you stand out from the crowd?

The ESADE MBA offers a huge variety of ways to customize your MBA to fit your objectives and get the most out of your studies. Labs, global travel, treks and practical business cases all within a programme you can study in 12, 15 or 18 months depending on your goals.

Tailor-Make programme FTMBA
PRE-PROGRAMME - Preparation Courses

August 2018

As the background of every student is different, we offer bridging courses to make sure you are fully prepared for the challenges ahead. These are self-learning online courses:

Financial Accounting (to be completed before starting your MBA)

Quantitative Methods (to be completed before starting your MBA)

IT Management

Managerial Communication


September 2018

Welcome Week is an exciting time for our newest MBA recruits, with plenty of team building, exciting lectures from ESADE’s crème de la crème and general settling in. But relax at your peril, because Introductory Week kicks off Monday bright and early in the second week of your MBA, with our expert professors giving an insight into how things are done here at ESADE, with a whole host of cases, lectures, teamwork and new discoveries!
We pick up speed very quickly and this new format allows our students to get a taste of what’s to come in the coming months.


FOUNDATIONS WEEK - Setting the basis

September 2018

Focused on the most instrumental part of the programme and built on the materials of the preparatory online courses:

Financial Accounting: This provides an introduction to one of the most common languages of businesses and is specially targeted to students with little prior exposure to accounting or with the need to refresh or update their knowledge.

Quantitative Methods: To review the basic concepts and tools.


1st TERM - Awareness

October - December 2018

As a business leader you must understand the political and economic contexts in which your organization operates as well as your executive role.

2nd TERM - Create & Innovate

January - March 2019

Building on the general management perspective gained in the first module, this part of the programme looks at the big management decisions that you must make as an executive, both within your business and in your dealings with company stakeholders.

3rd TERM - Transform

April - June 2019

Here you'll learn to align the execution of business strategy with long-term future planning. There are two goals: management and sustainable growth, both taking into account the global focus of the organizations in which ESADE Business School Full Time MBA graduates end up working.

4th TERM - Electives

Intensive: June, July and September 2019
Regular: October - December 2019 or January - April 2020

At this point your MBA subjects become personalized. The goal is to increase your in-depth knowledge of specific business sectors or geographical regions.

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You will complete a Master Project in order to complete the Academic Requirements of the MBA Programme.
The format of the Master Project will be a Consultancy Project. Students will be divided in teams to work during two weeks on a challenge assigned by the master project coordinator. The faculty in charge of the master project will guide the students during the whole process.


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