Jaap Boonstra
Visiting Professor, Department of People Management and Organisation in ESADE
URL Visiting Professor


  • Doctorado en Psicología. Rijksuniversiteit

Areas of interest

  • Global leadership and international collaboration
  • Transformational leadership
  • Barriers to organizational change and innovation
  • Power dynamics in organizational change
  • Sustainable development of organizations


Jaap Boonstra is a professor of 'Organization Dynamics' at ESADE Business School in Barcelona (Spain) and¿visiting professor 'Organizational change' at WU (Vienna University for Economics and Business). He is lecturer at the Netherlands School of Government in The Hague. Before he has been working as professor 'Organizational Change and Learning' at the University¿of Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and as Dean of Sioo (Interuniversity center for organizational change and learning).

At ESADE Business School, Jaap is involved in education on strategic and cultural change in organizations, organizational and professional development and cross-cultural mergers and alliances. His research focuses on transformational leadership, success factors to organizational change and innovation, power dynamics in organizations, cross-cultural management and organizational change and development.

As an independent consultant he is involved in change processes in international business firms and organizational networks in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and South Africa. In addition, he is a member of supervisory and non-executive boards in financial services, the service industry, and public institutes in health and youth care.

Jaap has published more than two hundred articles on technological and organizational innovation, management of organizational change, politics in organizations, strategic decision-making and transformational change¿in production firms, the service sector and public administration. His international handbook Dynamics of Organizational Change and Learning was awarded with the best contribution to organizational science by the Dutch association of management consultants. His book Organizational Change and Leadership in Organizations was nominated for Management book of the year. His book "Change Management Adventures" is reviewed as the most approachable and inspiring books about change management. In 2018 his new book "Organizational change as play" will be published in English and Spanish.

Selected publications

Boonstra, J. J., de Bruijn, H., Burguer, Y., van Es, R., Twist, M. van & Vermaak, H. (2017). Veranderen van maatschappelijke organisaties: Praktische concepten en inspirerende praktijkverhalen. Amsterdam: Business Contact.

Boonstra, J. J. (2016). Banking sector must evolve to create a better world. Global Banking and Finance Review, (4), pp. 22-29.

Boonstra, J. J. (2016). Revolutionising the banking industry. CEMS Magazine, (2016), pp. 34-37.

Boonstra, J. J. (2015). Change management adventures (1 ed.). Amsterdam: Warden press.

Boonstra, J. J. (2013). Cultural change and leaderschip in organizations. A practical guide to succesful organizational change (2 ed.). Copenhagen; New York: John Wiley & Sons.

Boonstra, J. J. & de Caluwé , L. (2007). Intervening and changing: Looking for meaning in interactions. Copenhagen; New York: John Wiley & Sons.