The Rambla of Innovation

Innovation is transforming the world around us: how we travel, work, and interact with one another – and even how we learn and teach.

With this in mind, ESADE has designed a new learning ecosystem made up of five separate laboratories. This project confirms the institution’s commitment to reinventing its learning model by responding to new demands and future challenges. The best way to learn is by experiencing the reality of companies and organisations first-hand.

The Rambla of Innovation on ESADE’s campus brings together five laboratories that combine education with innovation and experimentation. It is a circular path that runs from the conception of a new idea (Fusion Point), to researching and testing the feasibility of the idea (Decision Lab), to the manufacture of prototypes (Fab Lab), to the definition of a business model (EGarage), and finally to the creation and implementation of a company (EWorks). It is an ecosystem with neither a beginning nor an end.

Take a stroll along the Rambla of Innovation
and discover the campus of the future!

Where Innovation Begins

Fusion Point is a gathering place for business students from ESADE, engineering students from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) and design students from the European Design Institute (IED). It works like a laboratory. Real challenges lead to the development of new products, services and processes through the application of innovative methodologies such as design thinking.

Decisions for Meaningful Change

Decision Lab is an experimental laboratory for innovative research in a diverse range of fields, including consumer behaviour, behavioural economics, decision-making analysis, social entrepreneurship and more. The facilities include rooms for experimental studies (questionnaires, tests, computer simulations) and observational studies focusing on aspects such as user behaviour, group work, interaction and negotiation.

Prototype the Future

The first fab lab was created in 2001 by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Today, this network of local laboratories stretches across the globe, fostering creativity and innovation by providing digital manufacturing tools. Fab Lab Sant Cugat is an open digital manufacturing laboratory featuring advanced technology such as laser cutters, 3D printers, milling machines and an electronics laboratory for experimenting and transforming ideas into real, tangible products.

Ignite your Entrepreneurial Mindset

EGarage, sponsored by Santander Universidades, is the place where ideas flow – the perfect space for fostering students’ entrepreneurial initiative. Infused with innovation, this space contains all the necessary resources for sharing ideas about new business opportunities.

Make It Real

Let’s get down to business! EWorks is a workplace for entrepreneurs who already have a clear plan and want to start putting it into practice. We support and guide new business initiatives through meetings with founders, acceleration programmes and co-working spaces.

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