Hospitality Club

Hospitality Club


Michael Nordstrom - President
Max Bräger - VP Events 
Gustavo Caiuby - VP Communications
Bernardo Mello - VP Education and Careers
Tom Buchan - VP Finance and Fundraising

Who we are:

We are a student body organization bringing together ESADE students coming from, and wanting to enter the many sectors of the hospitality industry. We work with alumni, universities, multinational and boutique companies in the field, primarily focusing on the three main branches of: Travel & Tourism, Food & Beverage, and Accommodation. We hope to inspire entrepreneurial students wishing to enter hospitality, and expose members to global positions within renowned organizations through talks, tours, and networking events.

What do we do:

From industry insights to latest trends- the club hosts a diverse array events ranging from company visits and talks from alumni and professionals to case competitions and wine tastings throughout Spain.

Why should you join us:

If you are interested in any aspect of hospitality, whether that be starting your own company, working in an established corporation, or bringing a new side to an existing business, here is the place to start. As the hospitality industry is so vast, we start each year with a survey considering our members’ interests and aim to connect with companies within those sectors. If you have already worked in hospitality and are looking to expand your knowledge, here is a great place to share your experience and collaborate with other like-minded individuals.