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Clubs and Associations

Discover MBASA's cosmos!

ESADE MBA student clubs offer you the chance to develop leadership and management skills, expand your interests and meet likeminded people. The clubs are divided into two categories:  business and social. Being active in a club is a clear signal to prospective employers that you’re a team player with broad interests, and that you have the drive to follow your passion. All of the clubs are run by students and coordinated by the MBA student association (MBASA).

MBA Student Association

Who we are

The MBASA Board is a student elected body comprising of nine students, and serves as an interactive platform connecting students, faculty, programme management and alumni. We want students to have the best year of their lives, where they build lifelong connections and grow into resonant, inspiring and successful leaders. To achieve this vision we promote, support and empower students in their projects and ideas, to enhance the ESADE MBA experience.


Priyanka Agarwal - President 
Lourenco Reynolds de Sousa - VP of PR and Communications
Melanie Borge - VP of Academic & Student Affairs
Mark Kollias - VP of Finance and Club Management
Frederick Gifford - VP of Academic & Student Affairs
Luciana Jacome - VP of Events
Satoshi Tajima - VP of Welcome Week
Merlin Heymann - VP of Careers
Miguel Sanchez Rubio - VP of Academic & Student Affairs

What do we do

THE MBASA provides a platform for students to get more involved. They also connect and help coordinate student clubs, and organize events – be they educational, professional, or social.

Why should you join us

You want to give back to your own immediate community, while developing leadership, teamwork, communication and problem-solving skills. And you want to have fun in the process.

You’ll become the voice of the student community, networking and collaborating with a diverse set of people in the process. As part of MBASA, working closely with the entire ESADE ecosystem you will also build a strong network to sustain you throughout your MBA and beyond. Join us, share your ideas and make them happen.

"One of the great things about being a leader is that you have the ability to influence positive change. Being a part of MBASA we try to ensure that the interests of students are aligned with the program and enhance the overall experience of the MBA. We motivate students to come up with new ideas and assist them in implementing the same."

Priyanka Agarwal

MBA Student Association President

MBASA clubs are divided into two camps: business and social

Business clubs range in focus from tech and media to marketing and consulting and beyond. Social clubs cover a wide diversity of interests from sporting to music to “better halves.”

Business Clubs

Business clubs are managed by the MBASA and leverage their position within ESADE to create learning, networking and exposure opportunities for members. Boards are elected democratically and the election of key positions is often fiercely competitive. Club events provide a good platform for firms who wish to recruit or gain on-campus exposure. Each club has one Associate Director from Career Services assigned to work closely with them.

Social Clubs

Finding the right work/life balance is key during both your MBA and your professional career.

Barcelona has much to offer but you don’t have to go far from campus to find something to stimulate you. Whether you want to give rein to your Latin rhythm, hit the slopes or simply have a good night out with other MBAs and their partners, our Social Clubs have what it takes.

"Involvement with club activities has two major benefits. First, it allows students to pursue their professional goals and interests through a variety of different means and resources with the impact of the ESADE brand. Second, it provides a continuation of the course methodology that emphasizes diversity and culture sharing to foster better team working dynamics and environments. With 185 students representing 50+ nationalities, this truly is a differentiating factor that sets ESADE apart from other top-tier MBA programs."

Mark Kollias

VP Club Management