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Programme objectives

A Programme designed to help you reach your goals

The ESADE MBA programme challenges you to be a creactivist – a creative activist, an entrepreneurial leader, a mould-breaker, trailblazer and leader of positive and lasting change. Our curriculum allows you to:

Understand the complex global business panorama

Integrate theoretical and practical knowledge of the core fields of management sciences to give you the context and the skills to operate within that context

Re-think business to see companies as social innovators, as corporate citizens,

Open yourself fully to change – as a leader, as an agent of change and as a human being.

An MBA for the New Normal - #BeaCreactivist

Creactivism is a new concept, a new attitude and mind-set that we firmly believe in at ESADE. Our managers and senior professionals stand out thanks to their ability to apply and transfer this passion for creative activism to their teams. This spirit is contagious and is the basis for real and lasting change. This is entrepreneurial leadership in its truest sense.

Innovation is no longer a possibility, it is a must for the active, collaborative leaders of the future. The ESADE MBA has its sights firmly planted in the future, and making it better for all.