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Programme Content

Core Courses – 60 ECTS

Throughout the programme, students will start exploring themselves and the competencies they need to break the mould, move the parameters and transform themselves and others. The knock-on effect of these actions is that as our students and graduates move around the world, global organisations will begin to benefit from this and promote its growth.


The new structure is divided into 3 main phases, created with one main goal in mind: educating the “creative activists” capable of making lasting change.

  • Awareness

    By better understanding yourself, your individual capabilities and environment, from the inside out, true change is possible.

  • Create & Innovate

    Learn to generate opportunities where there are none, having the perspective to think both in the now and towards the future simultaneously.

  • Transform

    Transformation requires a change in approach. Go beyond simply imagining change: execute and manage it seamlessly.

Electives + Final Master's Project - 30 ECTS

In your second term you deepen you knowledge and sharpen your focus. Choose electives from the Advanced Management Topics (24 ECTS) and showcase new knowledge and skills with the Final Masters Project (6 ECTS) with the one-to-one support of faculty and expert tutors.

The Final Master Project (worth 6 ECTS) is carried out during two weeks in June and it has the format of a Consultancy Project. Students will be divided into groups to work on a challenge that will be assigned by the master project coordinator. The faculty in charge of the master project will guide you during the whole process, providing all the support that you will need.

After finishing your Full Time MBA, you will recieve an official Master of Business Administration degree from Ramon Llull University.

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Customised Programme

Your MBA. Your decision.

Get the very most from a curriculum that can be tailored with precision to your specific career path and aspirations. Choose whether to finish the programme in 18, 15 or 12 months. Select the best fit for you in integrated project work, international exchanges and a diverse range of electives.