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ESADE MSc Fees and Living Costs

Investing in an MSc is one of the biggest financial decisions you may ever make. That’s why the ESADE MSc admissions team and our Financial Aid Office are always on hand to help you organise your funding and explore all the options open to you.

Wherever you come from, wherever you want to go, we are here to help. Options include:

  • The ESADE study assistance fund
  • Merit and need-based scholarships
  • A comprehensive student loan programmes

Tuition Fees 2019-2020

MSc Programmes in Management: € 28,500

MSc (any) + CEMS MIM: € 41,000

MSc (any) + External Double Degree: € 41,000

MSc (any) + Internal Double Degree: € 45,100


*This includes teaching, academic material and obligatory language courses. It does NOT include expenses incurred during the Study Tour/Exchange Programme.

MSc in Global Strategic Management:

€ 32,500 + accommodation + fees

  • ESADE accommodation

    €3,530 and fees €220 prior to arrival (*)

  • McIntire accommodation

    $5,000 and fees $2,500 prior to start of term (*)

  • Lingnan accommodation

    From Y7,000 to Y12,000 on arrival and health insurance Y320 during registration period (*)

(*) These costs ara susceptible to change

Estimated Living Expenses

Your estimated monthly budget as a single student (excluding MSc in Global Strategic Management) living in Barcelona:

Accommodation (shared housing): €400*

Utilities: €80

Groceries: €200

ESADE Cafeteria: €115

Transportation: €60

Sports: €45

Misc. expenses: €300

Monthly budget: €1200


*shared housing may vary from €300-550 depending on locations, room size, etc. This is a general estimate. Like anywhere, living in Barcelona can be as frugal or as costly as individual tastes dictate.