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Núria Agell elected to editorial board of Information Fusion

Her appointment recognises her research in the fields of data sciences and artificial intelligence

Núria Agell, Professor and Head of the Department of Operations, Innovation and Data Sciences at ESADE, has been elected to the editorial board of Information Fusion, one of the world’s leading journals in her area of research.

Her appointment recognises her research in the fields of data sciences and artificial intelligence, as well as her contributions at the helm of the ESADE Research Group on Knowledge Engineering (GREC).

“Information fusion involves combining different data sources with the ultimate goal of reducing redundancy and uncertainty in decisions,” says Prof. Agell. “Information fusion can be a powerful tool for leaders in real-world scenarios as it can help them improve decision-making by finding creative solutions to complex problems while reducing uncertainty.”

The peer-reviewed journal Information Fusion features the latest research developments in the field of multilevel, multi-classifier, and multi-process information fusion as well as decision systems. It publishes original research dealing with theoretical analyses as well as studies demonstrating their application to real-world problems.

The journal ranks among the top 10 journals worldwide in the category of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence and among the top 5 in the category of Computer Science, Theory & Methods.

About Prof. Núria Agell

Prof. Núria Agell holds an MSc in Mathematics from the University of Barcelona (UB) and a PhD in Applied Mathematics from UPC-Barcelona Tech for a dissertation on qualitative reasoning modelling. From 2006 to 2010, she served as President of the Catalan Association for Artificial Intelligence (ACIA). She is currently the coordinator of Judgements and Decisions in the Marketplace (JUICE), a research group made up of researchers from ESADE’s Marketing and Operations, Innovation and Data Science Departments. She is the leading coordinator of several publicly and privately funded projects on the application of artificial intelligence to business and marketing.

Núria Agell’s work focuses on the development of artificial intelligence techniques and decision-making systems. Her research aims to further knowledge on learning algorithms, qualitative and fuzzy reasoning, multi-criteria and group decision-making, recommending systems and consensus modelling.

Núria Agell has been a Full Professor at ESADE Business School since 2003 and was Director of the PhD Programme and Master of Research in Management Sciences from 2005 to 2013. In May 2014, she was appointed Head of the Department of Operations, Innovation and Data Sciences.