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Situation of Women’s Leadership in Spain and the United States: Advances and Barriers

November 15, 2017, 19:00
November 15, 2017, 21:00
ESADE Madrid. C/ Mateo Inurria, 27
Ignacio Ramón

Situation of Women’s Leadership in Spain and the United States: Advances and Barriers

According to the World Economic Forum, Spain is 169 years away from equality. Two years after the deadline by which the Organic Law for Effective Equality Between Men and Women called for women to hold 40% of the board positions at major companies, women in Spain occupy just 21% of such posts at Ibex-35 companies and less than 16% at listed companies, as well as barely 12% of upper-management positions. In addition to this legislation, the recommendation of the Spanish Securities and Investments Board called for 30% of corporate boards to be made up of women by 2020. Is Spanish society ready for this? In contrast, how are these issues evolving in the United States? What good practices, laws and programmes can be put in place to reduce the 169-year gender gap denounced by the World Economic Forum?

Welcome and introduction:

    Enrique Verdeguer, Director of ESADE Madrid
    Evelyn Garrett, Communications Director at the American association 2020 Women on Boards; Fulbright scholar
*The International Conversation on Board Diversity
Mirian Izquierdo, President of the Woman Forward Foundation Author of the book Oportunidades iguales, promoviendo el liderazgo femenino
* Situation of female leadership in Spain and the United States in upper management and boards: Advances and barriers

Panel discussions:

    Valuing Board Diversity: Challenges and Experiences
    Gemma Cortijo, Executive Director of the Spain-U.S. Chamber of Commerce
    Alfonso de Benito Secades, President of the Iberian-American Institute for Interim Management
    Javier Rodriguez Vega, Director of the Spanish Association for Investor Relations
    Pilar Menor, Director of DLA Piper
    Moderator: Mercedes Wülich, Director of the online magazines Mujeres&Cía and Las Top 100

Diversity Policies to Promote Women’s Leadership in Upper Management and Boards: What Issues Need to Be Addressed in Spain and the United States?
    Carmen Quintanilla, Spanish MP for Equality (PP)
    Patricia Reyes, Spanish MP for Equality (Ciudadanos)
    Carmen Calvo, Secretary of Equality (PSOE)
    Shelby Smith-Wilson, Head of Quality Policy at the U.S. Embassy in Madrid   
Moderator: Manolo Hernández, Director of the RNE programme “Vuelta y vuelta”

Debate with audience participation

Closing remarks

Carlos Astiz, Sponsor Journalist of the Woman Forward Foundation; Secretary General of the Spanish Association of Periodical Publications