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Our mission is to educate and conduct research in the fields of management and law in order to:

  • Train competent and socially responsible professionals.

  • Improve organisations and society through knowledge creation.

  • Contribute to social debate in order to build free, prosperous and fair societies.


We aspire to be:

  • A leading academic institution in the fields of management and law.

  • A quality educational experience based on world-class faculty and a unique teaching model.

  • Internationally recognised for our close ties to the business world and our commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • An institution with a sustainable economic model that exhibits competence in an increasingly demanding world.

  • A place for the creation and development of responsible leaders who are committed to building a better society.

Our values

  • 1

    Acting with integrity in our academic and professional work. We strive, even under difficult circumstances, to behave in a manner consistent with our fundamental values: rigour, hard work, integrity, a critical spirit, fairness and a sense of responsibility.

  • 2

    Respecting others and oneself. We recognise the dignity of all people and are dedicated to guiding and assisting others when needed, thereby helping to build a fairer and more humane world.

  • 3

    Valuing diversity and learning from it. Differences in gender, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, culture, language, religion, sexual orientation, physical traits and other characteristics are enriching opportunities to learn from other people, from the world, and from ourselves.

  • 4

    Contributing to the ESADE community. The pursuit of one’s own interests is linked to the good of the community as a whole, and this is reflected in respectful and responsible attitudes towards the community.

  • 5

    Working towards a fairer society. We understand that society is also what it “should be” according to justice, a fundamental value stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Guiding framework of the educational model

ESADE works to educate people who freely share certain values and contribute, as citizens and as business and law professionals, to the construction of a more humane global society – in other words, a society that is fairer and more solidarity-minded, sustainable and respectful of differences.

In pursuit of these aims, we rely on our guiding framework, our strategic framework, the spiritual dimension of education, and our code of conduct.