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The keys to excellence: What are our programmes like?

  • Practical vision

    At ESADE Law School, we believe in learning through the application of law and practice. Our learning by doing approach includes simulation of legal hearings, resolution of case studies, litigation simulations, international moot court competitions and more.

  • International outlook

    ESADE Law School’s programmes are supported by a solid international education. Participants take subjects on transnational law, study the legal systems of others countries and participate in exchange programmes at foreign universities. They also acquire advanced knowledge of English, French, German and Chinese, with an emphasis on legal English. 

  • Focus on the professional world

    An education endorsed by the prestige of ESADE Business School prepares jurists to acquire solid knowledge in finance, accounting, microeconomics and macroeconomics. In addition, the curricula are designed in collaboration with our Professional Advisory Board and enriched by reflections generated at professional gatherings on our campus. 

  • Skill development

    In addition to providing an education, ESADE Law School’s programmes enhance skills such as public speaking, legal reasoning, teamwork, oral and written communication, leadership, negotiation and conflict management.

  • High employability

    Eighty percent of students in ESADE Law School programmes find work six months before completing their studies and pass the competitive civil-service exam in record time (2-3 years compared with the average of 5-6 years for students from other universities).

  • Specialisation

    At ESADE Law School, we are committed to creating programmes that allow students to specialise in specific areas of law.

  • Social awareness

    Solidarity initiatives allow our students to provide legal advice to NGOs and projects organised by the University Development Service (SUD) in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

  • Exclusive experiences

    ESADE Law School is the only law school that gives students a chance to obtain the Themis network’s Joint Certificate in International and Business Law or study international law at the Center for Transnational Legal Studies (CTLS) in London. 

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