Prestigious Professors and Executives to Develop Your Potential

Every EMBA professor is, or has been, a company executive. As well as this practical experience, we ensure that a perfect balance is struck between professors now dedicated to research and teaching, and those who are still actively managing companies and other institutions:

Research and teaching experts bring fundamentals and conceptual frameworks, highlighting future trends revealed by their academic work.
CEOs, business owners, entrepreneurs, though leaders and top consultants bring a practical, global vision of the real challenges that face business every day.
They help you to generate the solutions that can have a positive impact on your company and on society, and give you deep insights into the reality of the market.

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“One of my main reasons for returning to teaching was to share, in my own country, my experiences of the historic events that I have had the privilege of experiencing first-hand. This is without a doubt the most important change of my life, although politics and education always go hand-in-hand. The Inspiring Futures sessions with EMBA participants are unique experiences because the students come up with interesting geopolitical reflections that add to a fascinating debate.”
Javier Solana
President of ESADE Center
for Global Economy and Geopolitics
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