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The Executive MBA (60 ECTS) is a 16-month programme that takes place over four separate phases:

Phases 1-3: Core Subjects (12 months)
The first phases cover three fundamental business concepts: Company, Strategy, and Development in Complexity.

Phase 4: Intensification or Exchange Programme (4 months)

In this final phase you can choose between the following options according to your own preferences and needs:

INTENSIFICATION: Select from a wide range of specialized content and tailor the programme to perfectly fit your career goals.

EXCHANGE PROGRAMME: Join one of our prestigious international partner schools for four months to further expand your network and your perspectives on business.

International Experience
The programme includes three international study periods (in Europe, LatAm, Asia or the USA) that take place during phases 2,3 and 4.
The latest concepts in management will be used to help you
acquire an up-to-date understanding of companies and the environment in which they operate. [+]
The programme is based on the fundamental abilities
of a organization to
face change, create value and seek competitive advantage. [+]
It covers globalization, emerging markets,
and disruptive business models. The backbone
of the program comprises leadership, competitiveness and sustainability. [+]
Content, focus and format are all varied: you choose the subjects that best fit your interests, professional requirements and career goals. [+]

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