Benefits for Employers

Enhance Your Greatest Assets

Access Cutting-Edge Concepts

The transformation that your employees experience will have a direct impact on your company. They will bring back the benefits of access to the latest management concepts, strategies and perspectives, driving change and helping to deliver a competitive advantage.


Train and Retain your Top Talent

Reinforcing your professional ties with high-potential executives by supporting them through the Executive MBA can help your company hang onto its top talents.


Broaden your International Vision

The Executive MBA is an effective vehicle for your company to reach important international markets. The connections made can increase your global growth potential.


Get Actionable, Made-to-Measure Ideas

EMBA’s Business Development Project offers your employee the chance to work on an intrapreneurship or entrepreneuship project, designed to address a specific in-company challenge or create a new opportunity for growth.


Continuously Develop your Capabilities

Your employees will develop stronger management skills, improving your company’s overall talent base, with a special emphasis on leading multifunctional teams.


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London, United Kingdom
Tuesday, 06th February, 2018 09:00h
Zurich, Switzerland
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