Who is it for?

The Executive MBA is a programme for university graduates who speak advanced business English and have at least four years of professional experience.

We are looking for high-potential candidates with proven leadership capabilities and excellent interpersonal skills who are motivated to learn and to share their own business knowledge.

“Learning at ESADE is, in many cases,
through experience. You live it.
That lets you immediately apply what
you’ve learned in your day-to-day life
with the company.”


Axel Yildiz
Associate lawyer, ALTATEX ABOGADOS
Founding partner, ACUITY: The World Changers Factory

“EMBA allows you to connect with the latest
management trends and apply the, at the same
time in your company. The supportive
environment at ESADE also strengthens your
ability to rethink trends and paradigms.
In short, it’s a unique learning experience.”

Viviana Álvarez
Group CSE Project Manager, UNILEVER
Founder of the Help to Haiti (H2H) charity

Information Events
Tuesday, 23rd January, 2018 09:00h
London, United Kingdom
Tuesday, 06th February, 2018 09:00h
Zurich, Switzerland
Thursday, 08th February, 2018 13:00h
Thursday, 08th February, 2018 19:00h
Barcelona, Spain