ESADE Alumni: become a part of a quality network

ESADE Alumni: a powerful, dynamic community with great international visibility

Participating in the ESADE EMBA gives you direct access to a diverse and prestigious network made up of a wide variety of top-notch professionals, companies and executiveswith whom you will be able to share experiences and knowledge and who can open new doors both for your company and for your career.

And, ESADE Alumni arranges an interesting programme of influential gatherings, initiatives and activities, which are essential for keeping up with today’s economic, social and business world, especially once you have finished your EMBA.


Activities and services that add value to your Executive MBA


1. Lifelong learning
The refresher programme, ESADE Matins and forums and conferences allow you to keep your knowledge up to date, stay on top of new trends and opinions, and much more.

2. Networking
We promote contact among former students through the ESADE Directory, club and chapter activities, promotion gatherings, fun events, Nexus Alumni and Linkedin.

3. Careers
You can look for work and/or publish employment opportunities on the job board, receive professional, personalised career counselling and legal and employment advice, participate in the Senior Coaching Programme, the Mentoring Programme, and more.

4. Global network
We support you, wherever you are. The ESADE Alumni network is made up of former students on every continent.

5. The goodwill network
If you want, you can give your talent back to society by joining our pro-bono consulting group, the Consulting Initiative Project, a group that offers free consulting services to NGOs. We also organise an intriguing cinema cycle with film showings, discussions, etc.

6. Entrepreneur network  
The ESADE Alumni Entrepreneur and Investor Club promotes entrepreneurship and investment in society and coordinates what we hope will be the largest business angels network in Spain by number of operations.


More information about ESADE Alumni 

“The meaning of the word ‘network’ goes far beyond sharing a graduation photo with a group of participants. In the EMBA, your classmates go on to become personal and professional referees and a constant source of support.”
Carles Valles, class of 2010
Vueling, IT Manager – Development and Solutions
Information Events
Sunday, 26th November, 2017 09:00h
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Thursday, 30th November, 2017 18:30h
Barcelona, Spain
Wednesday, 13th December, 2017 13:00h
Thursday, 14th December, 2017 10:00h
Madrid, Spain