Our excellent sponsorship programme is designed to reward exceptional candidates who have the potential to become outstanding members of the ESADE Community by actively contributing to their development.

Sponsorships will be directly applied to the tuition cost for the programme.

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Unique Talent Sponsorship
Aims to award candidates who have an outstanding career, an excellent academic transcript, a proven talent for leadership and a clear ability to influence the future of businesses.

Women in Business Sponsorship

Supports the contribution of women to business and to the professional world in general.

At ESADE, we are committed to supporting female talent through our Women and Business Sponsorships, which are specially designed for women with professional potential, like you.

Geographic Diversity Sponsorship
Designed to help candidates who have to travel regularly in order to attend classes on our Madrid or Barcelona campuses. It aims to incentivise and promote greater diversity in the geographic origins of the cohort.

Entrepreneurship Sponsorship
With this sponsorship, ESADE aims to foster students’ entrepreneurial spirit and business initiative, and support the creation of projects. Any EMBA candidate with a clear entrepreneurial drive and a solid business start-up project can apply.

ESADE-Universia Sponsorship (and the collaboration of KPMG)

For people with disabilities: three, €10,000 scholarships for students with a disability rating of at least 33% who meet the established requirements. Candidates must submit an application for the scholarship between February and December 2017. Scholarships will be assigned in January 2018.

Scholarship application

Interested candidates should apply when submitting their admissions form.

Application Process
Sponsorships are open to all candidates who have already been admitted to the Executive MBA programme.
Complete the Sponsorship Application Form, which you can request by sending an email to emba@esade.edu.
Sponsorships cannot be combined: receiving one excludes you from being eligible for another.
For further information, please contact:
ESADE Barcelona:
Albert Romans or Judith Puigbo 
Telf. 932 801 609
ESADE Madrid:
Sonia Carrera
Tel. (+34) 913 597 714
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