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Types of Program

Journey to Business Transformation

ESADE Custom Programs is proud to present this immersive learning experience in Silicon Valley, partially delivered at Singularity University, the global epicentre of exponential technologies, located at the NASA research park in Mountain View.

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Emerging Leaders Programs

Aimed at people with the potential to take on management positions within the company, but who still need management training.

Leadership Development Programs

For executives or leaders who want to take a major step within the company into a different department or into a higher managerial position.

Personalized Executive Learning Experiencies

For C-level executives who simply do not have the time to do conventional classes. We offer them:

Connection and exchanges with other C-level executives
Learning Academy: discussion sessions with other experts
Experiences in other contexts that are different from their own

Ad-hoc seminars and workshops

To deal with specific areas of training in marketing, finance, leadership skills, Business Models Innovation, Strategic Innovation and so on.

Cooperation with Corporate Universities

Some of the closest strategic partners in the ESADE Custom Programs over the past few years have been major organizations’ Corporate Universities. As a partner to these major corporations, we participate in:

• Developing and running strategic programs
• Designing personalized schedules for management

Partners of this kind include major companies such as Ferrovial’s Summa University, Gas Natural Fenosa and the La Caixa Executive Development Center. 

ESADE Custom Programs Design Process
Analysis of needs and strategic priorities
Strenghts, weaknesses, points to work on, team potential, competencies development and so on.  At this stage, an ESADE Academic Director is in constant contact with the organization to ensure a thorough and comprehensive foundation on which to build upon.
Proposal design
We define the contents, the teaching methodologies, the format and duration of the program, and we select the faculty best suited to teaching the program.
Launch of the pilot program
If needed, there is a first Pilot Program that will be followed by adjustments to the content and methodology.
Program Start
As the course begins, the focus moves to ensuring that the program is being well received by the participants. In some cases, follow-up sessions or coaching are necessary to guarantee effective practical use of the learning required. 
Feedback and follow-up
When the program is over, there is an evaluation process of the results, corroborating its impact on the day-to-day running of the organization. Then the next steps proposal is prepared covering any new programs to be created, any adjustments needed to run the program with other teams, etc.
Programs adapted to each level of responsibility
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