Internships and Professional Opportunities

The ESADE Careers team works to expand and optimize your career opportunities and your professional experience over the short, medium and long term.

The goal is to add value to your CV, so it is clearly aligned with your proposed career strategy. The team will help you to develop your career through the learning experience of student internships with companies or firms, and through full-time jobs once you have finished your programme.


Expand your professional experience while studying: Internships for ESADE students give you the opportunity to practice your skills and gain experience in various business sectors and functional areas.

Business environments can vary a lot. Internships allow you to make better choices about which area, department or industry you want to start your career in and see if it meets your expectations.

A path to employment
Types of internships
Curricular Internship
These form part of your academic curriculum. They are regulated, supervised and recognized as credits. The length of each internship is established by the curriculum.
Extracurricular Internship
These are volunteer internships during your studies that do not form part of your official academic curriculum.
Find a job full-time after your studies or even while you are still doing them. ESADE Careers works every day to offer students the best opportunities in different sectors and countries.
We are in direct contact with recruiters to provide them with suitable profiles students. Businesses and law firms publish vacancies and events directly in the Career Portal, exclusively for ESADE students, recent graduates and alumni.
The Career Portal is open to students to publish their CVs so that recruiters can identify suitable profiles for their vacancies.
Full-Time Jobs