Why Recruit ESADE Students?

ESADE students are valued for their professionalism, skills, knowledge, diversity, and international and entrepreneurial mindset. That is in addition to the solid and first-class education gained from a prestigious and internationally recognized business school and law school. They are the ideal candidates for your company or law firm, and ESADE Careers will help you find them.

National and International Recognition. Triple Crown Accreditation.

We were one of the first institutions in Europe to achieve the “triple crown” accreditation, and today we are still recognised as one of Europe’s leading business schools.




Rigorous Admissions
By only admitting a select group of the most exceptional candidates on to our programmes, we not only ensure the best learning experience for all our students, but also provide the best-rounded set of ESADE graduates to recruiters who rely on ESADE year after year to provide them with top talent.
With students from more than 60 nationalities represented on campus, we are proud to be one of the most diverse schools in the world. In today’s global economy, hiring professionals who are able to work with different cultures and in diverse environments gives your company a competitive advantage.
Flexible Team Players
Our students all graduate from ESADE with in-depth business and legal knowledge across all sectors, allowing them to adapt and add value to any company in any setting. Our programmes focus particularly on teamwork and collaboration. This, coupled with the extraordinary diversity on campus, results in graduates with global perspective and cooperative spirit.
Entrepreneurial Mindset

Our Campus Barcelona Sant Cugat is also home to the ESADE Creapolis Centre for Open & Cross Innovation, putting entrepreneurship literally at the heart of the ESADE experience for students. This close proximity to a thriving start-up ecosystem, where xx new companies are created each year, gives students an unrivalled opportunity to take business ideas to fruition, and helps hone an entrepreneurial mindset that prepares them to adapt to challenges and changes in the future.

International Insight

ESADE students graduate ready to work globally. They study in English or take several subjects in English highlighting business and legal terminology, and they are proficient in at least two languages (Spanish, English, French or German). Exchange programmes at prestigious partner universities in the United States, Canada, Europe, Latin America or Asia give them valuable international experience and they may also have undertaken internships abroad

Ready for Real-World Challenges
Self-discipline, time management, planning, communication, decision-making, teamwork and creativity are just some of the skills and characteristics that our students develop. As a result, they are prepared to analyse problems and make decisions in global environments where the pace of change is swift.
Prepared as People
The ESADE experience is a recipe for personal growth: rigorous academic demands, a multicultural environment, teamwork, international travel, constant challenges and exposure to new situations. It raises graduates’ awareness of the need for social responsibility and helps build character, preparing them both personally and professionally to excel in their future careers.
Knowledge of More Than Law
Our law school graduates have deep knowledge across multiple fields, essential to the responsible practice of any legal profession: economics, microeconomics, accounting, advanced accounting, business policy, interpretation of financial statements, and information technologies.
Clear Legal Career Goals
ESADE law school graduates have a clear and practical vision of the various alternatives in the legal profession (lawyer, judge, notary, registrar, diplomat, national or international civil servant, etc.). Thanks to ESADE’s teaching methods, the in-house professional internships they complete during the programme, and the guidance they receive from Career Services, they are focused and ready for immediate job placement.
Comprehensive Legal Training
Our students are trained to work in any branch of law. This flexibility is highly prized by employers and ensures our graduates are in high demand.